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Many of us feel overwhelmed by the daily flood of information and the ever-more frantic pace of life.
In such a climate, it is increasingly difficult to make wise decisions, be innovative at work, or engage meaningfully with others. The new science of decision-making has found that the key to successful decisions involves taking a break from the constant stream of information and giving unconscious processes a chance to work. This day-long retreat will provide such a break. The retreat’s beautiful setting will allow time away to experience the quiet of nature and gain clarity on what you want. Using a subject of your choice as a focus, we’ll explore ways to sharpen your observation, develop your intuition, and make use of your innate creativity. You will leave with a better understanding of the steps you can take to simplify and deepen your life. In follow-up sessions I will help you apply what you’ve learned to everyday situations. Underlying this work is my belief in the power of mindfulness. The more aware you are, the more resourceful and responsive you’ll become. The more mindful, the more integrated your life.

This six-hour retreat takes place in a charming cottage outside the town of Occidental on ten acres of rolling meadows, oak, bay, redwood trees, only minutes from the ocean. The retreat is designed to be scheduled at your convenience throughout the year. A vegetarian box lunch of local organic produce will be provided.

DATE: Scheduled at your convenience