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Creativity is a state of being, not a product. A state of being that calls you to exist with openness, receptivity and joy. It’s about orienting yourself to the beautiful and letting the pursuit of beauty inform and direct your life. This day-long retreat will give you the building blocks to express yourself creatively, whether in a specific artistic project or more generally in the enhancement of your daily life. The retreat will consist of three parts: preparing the ground through one-on-one work with relaxation, imagery, meditative exercises; time alone in nature discovering resonance with the natural setting; work with a found object that speaks to you – stone, feather, leaf – to inspire expression through word, sound, movement, collage. No creative background is necessary, this is about opening your heart to the aliveness within and around you.

This six-hour retreat takes place in a charming cottage outside the town of Occidental on ten acres of rolling meadows, oak, bay, redwood trees, only minutes from the ocean. The retreat is designed to be scheduled at your convenience throughout the year. A vegetarian box lunch of local organic produce will be provided.

If you make a weekend of it, we will help make reservations at the Occidental Inn, and if you want, arrange a visit to the local Japanese enzyme baths, and provide directions to nearby vineyards, rivers and beaches.

DATE: Scheduled at your convenience