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Healing means bringing all the different parts of ourselves into harmony; it means uniting all our endeavors around our deepest core. Yet many of us go through our days in a state of fragmentation, beset by the many demands on our time, unaware of a deeper purpose. It isn't until a crisis – an illness, a depression, an ending of a relationship – that we stop to wonder, "Who am I? . . . What am I meant to do?"

During this daylong, individually-tailored retreat, you will have the opportunity to explore these questions with a seasoned mentor and guide. Over the course of the day, you will tap into new and unexplored parts of yourself and discover ways to integrate them into your life. In the process you'll learn to make use of a broader range of your abilities. True healing involves expressing your own unique gifts and honoring the whole of who you are.

This six-hour retreat takes place in a charming cottage outside the town of Occidental on ten acres of rolling meadows, oak, bay, redwood trees, only minutes from the ocean. The retreat is designed to be scheduled at your convenience throughout the year. A vegetarian box lunch of local organic produce will be provided.

DATE: Scheduled at your convenience