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Step away from the clamor of daily life and enjoy a period of quiet. During this day-long retreat you will enter a place of stillness and discover ways to connect with your own inner guidance and healing. You will have the rare opportunity to spend an extended period of time working closely with a seasoned mentor and guide. The day will be divided into two parts: one-on-one exploration through relaxation, imagery and awareness, and time alone in nature to open to your surroundings and listen deeply. In the stillness, you will discover other kinds of intelligences than that of the mind – that of body, of spirit, of place. Like a tracker who reads the direction of a deer in a broken blade of grass, or a birder who locates a bird from an imperceptible rustling of branches, you will start to attune yourself to the interplay of life continually going on beneath the surface – both within and without. You will return with a greater sense of aliveness, feeling expanded and refreshed.

This six-hour retreat takes place in a charming cottage outside the town of Occidental on ten acres of rolling meadows, oak, bay, redwood trees, only minutes from the ocean. The retreat is designed to be scheduled at your convenience throughout the year. A vegetarian box lunch of local organic produce will be provided.

If you make a weekend of it, we will help make reservations at the Occidental Inn, and if you want, arrange a visit to the local Japanese enzyme baths, and provide directions to nearby vineyards, rivers and beaches.

DATE: Scheduled at your convenience